Root Action Consulting helps make working together for positive change effective, inclusive, and easy.

Group process and facilitation

Collaborate better. We facilitate all kinds of:

  • Meetings (planning, evaluation, problem solving, constituency input, etc.),
  • Decision-making (“casual inclusive,” consensus, parliamentary, etc.), and
  • Formats (one-on-ones to large assemblies, retreats, local to international, in-person, asynchronous, teleconferences, and online).

We model effective, inclusive, and enjoyable process to unleash collective wisdom, deal with difficult issues, dynamics and participants, and reach sound, clear, fair, and broadly-owned solutions and implementation plans.

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Strategy development and strategic planning

Chart a decisive course to achieve your goals. We provide:

  • Organization-specific process and tools for organizational, program, campaign, or operational strategy development,
  • Broad subject matter and social change expertise,
  • Research and document writing, and
  • Modeling and method-sharing to build in-house capacity.

We also emphasize mechanisms and organizational alignment to ensure effective strategy implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

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New World Workshops

Align your organization with the growing movement for a new world.

Our world is nearing climate catastrophe. At the same time, popular dissatisfaction with the impacts of neoliberalism opens new doors for change. What does this mean for our organizations?

This tailored, half-day workshop explores the systemic production of social and environmental harm and its implications for your mission. We also develop organization-specific strategies to integrate the vital work you do with effective contributions to the broader movement for fundamental change of which we all must be part.

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Working with Skip renewed my faith in strategic planning. He quickly learned our issues and thinking, worked effectively within our budget and time frame, and provided core strategic insight. Our plan is fantastic.Jeff FeinmanExecutive Director, Mission Graduates (San Francisco, CA)
Skip took on a difficult role in establishing a coalition for targeted international action among groups across the globe. With composed perseverance -- and creative use of low cost communication tools -- he facilitated a stronger and well targeted campaign.Barbara DinhamDirector, Pesticide Action Network UK (London, UK)
At the Seattle WTO mobilization, Skip used his formidable skills to conduct a remarkable outdoor meeting with 1,000 people from diverse backgrounds, surrounded by the police and without real sound amplifying equipment. He pulled us together, allowing a full democracy to blossom.Mitchel CohenCoordinator, No Spray Coalition (New York, NY)
Skip's facilitation and experience played a crucial role in making the jail solidarity in Los Angeles one of the most successful we've seen.Katya KomisarukFounder, Just Cause Law Collective (Oakland, CA)
Skip diligently shepherded our staff and board--step-by-step, providing guidance through challenging issues, and keeping us on schedule--to a plan ready to implement.Bob ScowcroftExecutive Director, Organic Farming Research Foundation (Santa Cruz, CA)
Without Skip's ability to negotiate calmly while simultaneously bringing our group to agreement fast, some of us would surely have been harmed. Having him with us brought out the best in everyone.Eric DeBodeCoordinator, California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty (Los Angeles, CA)

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Align your organization with the movement for a new world

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Most services are provided by Skip Spitzer, a change-maker on a wide range of social and environmental issues–working locally, nationally and internationally–for more than 30 years. For more, see Principal.

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