Align your organization with the growing movement for a new world.

Our world is nearing climate catastrophe. At the same time, popular dissatisfaction with the impacts of neoliberalism opens new doors for change. What does this mean for our organizations?

This tailored, half-day workshop explores the systemic production of social and environmental harm and its implications for your mission. We also develop organization-specific strategies to integrate the vital work you do with effective contributions to the broader movement for fundamental change of which we all must be part.


Who should attend

This workshop is best for those in your organization who play a central role in shaping high-level strategy. That could be a single person or an entire staff and board. Following the workshop, you can create many opportunities to include those not attending the workshop in further goal and strategy development and planning.

What you’ll learn

Participants will learn the context for, benefits and major considerations of, and basic steps toward aligning your organization with the broader movement for a new world.

Specific topics include:

  • Science-based climate catastrophe in a nutshell
  • Capitalism and neoliberalism essentials
  • The current opening for systemic change and impact of mobilizing issue constituencies
  • The relationship between systemic causes of social and environmental harm and the issue your organization focuses on
  • Integrating systemic change in your mission and/or strategic goals
  • Integrating issue- and system-level change programmatically
  • Funding considerations
  • Alignment steps

We’ll do some strategy development, working with the particular circumstances of your organization–its vision, mission, strategic goals, program mix, organizational culture, resources, etc.–to explore concretely the strategic potential of responding to present social and environmental realities.


$400 per half-day session, plus round-trip travel if located outside of the Portland, OR, area. Any number of members of your organization may attend. Your organization will need to provide a venue and copy workshop materials for participants.

Needs-based discounts may be available.


For more information or to schedule a New World Workshop, contact us.