We offer mission-driven support to mission-driven organizations.

Group process and facilitation

Collaborate better. We facilitate all kinds of:

  • Meetings (planning, evaluation, problem solving, constituency input, etc.),
  • Decision-making (“casual inclusive,” consensus, parliamentary, etc.), and
  • Formats (one-on-ones to large assemblies, retreats, local to international, in-person, asynchronous, teleconferences, and online).

We model effective, inclusive, and enjoyable process to unleash collective wisdom, deal with difficult issues, dynamics and participants, and reach sound, clear, fair, and broadly-owned solutions and implementation plans.

Strategy development and strategic planning

Chart a decisive course to achieve your goals. We provide:

  • Organization-specific process and tools for organizational, program, campaign, or operational strategy development,
  • Broad subject matter and social change expertise,
  • Research and document writing, and
  • Modeling and method-sharing to build in-house capacity.

We also emphasize mechanisms and organizational alignment to ensure effective strategy implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Download our strategic planning support brochure.

Other services

Although we focus on facilitation and strategy, we also provide services in:

  • Campaign development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Event and action organizing
  • Project management
  • Focus groups
  • Training and coaching


Our fee structure is very competitive. We have virtually no overhead, do not mark up expenses, have no hidden charges, and use a sliding scale based on your resources and the nature of your work.

How to engage our services

Let us know about your situation and desired outcomes. We’ll discuss your needs with you.

If the job seems like a good match for us, we’ll provide a bid, and be available for additional dialogue needed to enable you to reach a decision that is best for your organization. We’ll provide a thoughtful, no-nonsense, brief written contract designed to protect both parties, or work with your contract if preferred.

We’ll meet to finalize a tailored project plan to lay the foundation for a successful experience and then get the work underway.