Here are some comments about our work. (Affiliations are those at the time comments were made.)

“Working with Skip renewed my faith in strategic planning. He quickly learned our issues and thinking, worked effectively within our budget and timeframe, and provided core strategic insight. Our plan is fantastic.”
—Jeff Feinman
Executive Director, Mission Graduates (San Francisco, CA)

“Skip took on a difficult role in establishing a coalition for targeted international action among groups across the globe. With composed perseverance — and creative use of low cost communication tools — he facilitated a stronger and well targeted campaign.”
—Barbara Dinham
Director, Pesticide Action Network UK (London, UK)

“Skip diligently shepherded our staff and board–step-by-step, providing guidance through challenging issues, and keeping us on schedule–to a plan ready to implement.”
—Bob Scowcroft
Executive Director, Organic Farming Research Foundation (Santa Cruz, CA)

“Our county peace coalition was very near disbanding due to conflicts and irreconcilable personalities. Skip skillfully led us to a whole new framework for our organization, while patiently teaching us skills we continue to use today. Skip won the hearts and appreciation of the peace community in Monterey and we owe him a great debt.”
—Valori George
Director, Monterey Peace and Justice Center (Monterey, CA)

“At the Seattle WTO mobilization, Skip used his formidable skills to conduct a remarkable outdoor meeting with 1,000 people from diverse backgrounds, surrounded by the police and without real sound amplifying equipment. He pulled us together, allowing a full democracy to blossom.”
—Mitchel Cohen
Author; Coordinator, No Spray Coalition (New York, NY); Editor, G (newspaper of the NY State Greens)

“Thank you for the excellent job. You brought a perfect balance of flexibility, bylaws and humor to deal with a potentially explosive situation.”
—Jean Peterson
President, El Rio Mobile Home Cooperative (Santa Cruz, CA)

“Skip’s facilitation and experience played a crucial role in making the jail solidarity in Los Angeles one of the most successful we’ve seen.”
—Katya Komisaruk
Founder, Just Cause Law Collective (Oakland, CA)

“We always try to schedule [our community education] class around his schedule. He is charismatic, clear and inspiring. He consistently comes up in the favorites.”
—Stacey Parker
Horticultural Education Coordinator, Gardening and Composting Educator Training Program (San Francisco, CA)

“The combination of Skip’s nature and experience makes being with him in a workshop an extraordinary experience. His respect for each individual modeled a powerful way for each of us to be with one another.”
—Cindy Whitman-Bradley
North Bay Non-Violence Resource Center (Marin, CA)

“Your [program evaluation] work and report were excellent. I particularly appreciated the quality and quantity of research, assessment, impartiality, and overall clarity.”
—Christine Johnson-Lyons
Executive Director, Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County (Santa Cruz, CA)

“Your strategic planning workshop was incredibly useful. I now have a straightforward way to get our process started on the right foot.”
—Julie Rinard
Nonprofit Consultant (San Francisco, CA)

“Thank you so much for going over Gumball Capital’s strategy with me at Craigslist’s Nonprofit Boot Camp. Your coaching session was the most helpful part by far.”
—Sophia Tu
Outreach Director, Gumball Capital (Palo Alto, CA)

“Your training gave me real world tools that I will enthusiastically and confidently apply.”
—Sarah Noyes
Training participant, California Institute of Integral Studies for Transformative Leadership (San Francisco, CA)

“Our staff requested to work with you again!”
—Jamila Iris Edwards
MPP Program Manager, Prevention Institute (Oakland, CA)

“Without Skip’s ability to negotiate calmly while simultaneously bringing our group to agreement fast, some of us would surely have been harmed. Having him with us brought out the best in everyone.”
—Eric DeBode
Coordinator, California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty (Los Angeles, CA)

“I directly credit Skip’s pre-Iraq Invasion training with the Santa Cruz Peace Coalition as significantly reducing the usual contentious decision making and facilitating several long months of excellent team work!”
—Bob Fitch
Resource Center for Non-violence (Santa Cruz, CA)

“I had a great time in the focus group. It was incredibly educational. Skip was an incredibly skillful facilitator. He made it a pleasure to participate.”
—Participant (privacy protected)
Focus group on a ballot initiative

“Consensus process is a major feature of our operating structure. Skip’s explanation of the process is very accessible and entertaining. I learned a lot from him.”
—Christy Bouchard
Green Party (Denver, CO)

“I really enjoyed Skip’s [Non-Violent Direct Action] workshop and thought that he was a wonderful motivational speaker. Positive and very informative.”
—Shannon Long
Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada)

“With great humor and dedication to group dynamics that invite all voices, Skip led our organization through a period of significant growth and activism. Meetings were productive, energetic and fun.”
—Nora Hochman
Chair, Santa Cruz Action Network (Santa Cruz, CA)

“The training was educational and inspiring.”
—Hether Frayer
Activist (kalamazoo, MI)

“Even after being through over a dozen consensus, advanced consensus, and facilitation trainings, I found much that was new and useful in Skip’s.”
—Chris Dixon
Activist (Santa Cruz, CA)

“Everyone had such wonderful things to say about Skip. He was quite a hit!”
—Hether Ayres
Organizer, Grassroots Leadership Conference (Boulder, CO)

“I was impressed with the quality and scope of Skip’s work.”
—Rita Bogolub
Green Party (Chicago, IL)

“Skip provides a much-needed service. The stories I heard were inspiring.”
—Kevin Terpstra
Activist (Bellingham, WA)

“An excellent job on every level. I have a great deal of experience, so that comes with ‘credentials’!”
—Ellen Murphy
Training participant (Bellingham, WA)